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Adamagic Personal Biography

Adam Schacht


“My goal as a magician is to free people’s minds and be open to all the possibilities.”

Professional magician Adam Schacht has captivated and delighted audiences of all ages for nearly 15 years. Adam embodies magic with his fascinating storytelling, incredible improvisational skills, and endless illusions that border on the impossible.

As the youngest magician in the local area, his exceptionally youthful appearance makes him a big hit with younger audiences. Adam is versatile – he has delighted and entertained adults at significant corporate events and parties. He truly is a showman for “kids of all ages.”

Adam’s calling to be a magician came when he was ten. The location was Six Flags Great America. Adam and his family watched a magician perform one illusion after another…with Adam’s eyes fixated on the stage, suddenly, the magician made it snow in the arena! That night magic tapped on Adam’s shoulder and changed his life forever. Today, he incorporates that snow illusion into his magic shows and has since added juggling and balloon animals.

The decision to pursue the career path of a magician gave Adam the impetus and motivation to take chances and be laser-focused on his passion. As a kid, with his parent’s consent, he would take odd jobs and spend every paycheck he earned on magic tricks, some of which he still uses today.

Adam credits his success to supportive parents and his college education. One professor had such an impact that it influenced Adam’s magic shows for his younger audiences. He created certain moments in his children’s shows based on a professor-recommended parenting book.

Adam is a magician extraordinaire, but he also works as an office administrator at an

accounting firm in Omaha. A native of Menominee, Michigan, he received his bachelor’s degree in arts management (business and theater) from Midland University, his associate’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, and his teaching certificate from the Young Americans College of Performing Arts.

He currently resides in Nebraska. Adam enjoys bartending and playing video games when he's not busy performing.

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